Leadership guidance for greater impact

Since 2002, Jeff Balin’s professional coaching approach has helped many of North America’s top executive social entrepreneurs increase their leadership effectiveness and impact on communities around the world.

The key to this success is helping leaders leverage their vision, core values, strengths and intrinsic motivators to build highly aligned models of success for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Jeff brings over 26 years of international business experience, a top-tier MBA and a passion for researching time-tested approaches that emphasize values-based achievement while adhering to achieving fundamental operating objectives.

“Coaching with Jeff has been an incredibly helpful experience. We spend time talking about high-level leadership concepts, which help me see a new perspective over the long run. But Jeff is also good about making sure I walk away with actionable ‘homework’ that creates immediate results. I cannot think of a better professional development experience than coaching with Jeff.”

— Andrew Youn, Co-Founder, One Acre Fund

The benefits of working with Jeff include improvements in the following:

  • effective, inspiring and impactful leadership
  • communication
  • alignment of people, resources and personal integrity
  • vision- and values-based strategies
  • team morale and support
  • productivity and focus
  • collective commitment
  • fulfillment in work and personal matters
  • improved work-life integration.

Please feel free to explore this website, or contact Jeff to arrange for a customized assessment of your needs.