Jeff Balin has worked with hundreds of individuals, providing thousands of hours of individual coaching since 2002. The coaching generally focuses on either issues of Leadership or Career, and often both.

Any professional must ask: “What is the value of spending your time most effectively? And what is the cost of not doing so?”

Coaching allows you to step back before moving forward.

Although most of Jeff’s clients are accomplished in their own right, they realize (like all of us) that when you’re in it, you can’t see it.  Leaders are inclined to put in the hours and get the job done, but often lack the benefit of a professionally trained coach to skillfully explore and question the efficacy of their decisions.

Many of Jeff’s clients select individual coaching for the opportunity to step back, think out loud, be challenged on their assumptions to chart a more effective course forward.

“Jeff has not only helped me to become a more effective leader, he helped us define the company focus and hold up the standards of business practice, but he also provided me with the tools to align my personal goals with my business.”

— Shelley Miller, President, Hagensbörg Chocolates

Clients find these sessions to be highly rewarding and cost-effective, providing much needed focus and inspiration for navigating optimally through immediate and long-term strategies and projects. Working with an qualified coach presents the opportunity to:

  • ensure your efforts are “on-target” with purpose & vision
  • examine and re-calibrate strategy
  • pause, reflect and think out-loud
  • evaluate your performance and assumptions
  • speak candidly and confidentially about concerns and uncertainties
  • integrate personal values with professional aspirations
  • respond more thoughtfully to real-time situations
  • benefit from a structure of focus and accountability over time.

Individual Coaching builds capacity for the entire organization

A professional coach is an indispensable asset for any organization.  Individual Coaching builds organizational capacity through leadership alignment and support. It gives leaders breathing room from the fast pace of “urgent” details, so they can direct more of their attention to activities of value, strength and leverage—for themselves, and those they serve.

Organizations often report returns on their coaching investment that are many multiples of what they paid. Coaching has significant positive impact on the following areas:

  • Improved leadership skills and capacity
  • Ability to better handle conflict-resolution
  • Moving the organization forward towards achieving goals
  • Effective delegation
  • Better relations with staff and board
  • Better communications and teamwork
  • Improved strategic planning
  • Stronger organizational alignment to mission, vision and goals
  • Decisions around organization infrastructure
  • Financial stability and increased revenue
  • Internal organizational effectiveness

Career Management

“It’s no exaggeration to say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jeff’s guidance. Without once telling me what to do, he helped me chart a course for my career and my life — guided by a bold vision for social change, and powered by strengths I never knew I had.

Rob Cottingham, President, Social Signal

As a leadership and career coach since 2002, Jeff has worked intimately with many accomplished individuals to refine their professional path. Getting on the right career trajectory can be challenging at times, even for the most “successful” professionals. Change happens, and it happens to most of us at some point(s) in our working life.

Challenges in career, or work, become powerful opportunities for making adjustments that better align values, strengths and interests. It’s an opportunity to pause and recalibrate one’s roles and responsibilities for even greater impact and fulfillment.

Having the support of a professional coach by your side as you explore “what’s next” has many benefits, and is often well worth the investment. Jeff has helped many clients transition to more fulfilling career paths. Individual coaching around career can help professionals:

  • Better align core values, interests and skills to career path
  • Think out loud to better formulate targeted action plans
  • Utilize right-brain approaches to complement more logic-oriented methods of “figuring out” next steps
  • Focus on long-term sustainable satisfaction instead of merely “keeping a job”
  • Maintain accountability to keep moving forward, while managing the highs and lows of change
  • Enlist the support of important relations and contacts to make the process easier and more inclusive.

Career coaching benefits you and your organization

Career coaching is actually a great benefit to any organization. Often times, the coaching process leads the employee to realize they are already in the right job and company, and the job-description just needs some tweaking or a few honest conversations with ones colleagues.

Other times, quite honestly, the coaching leads the employee to leave the organization. Despite the short-term disruption, it inevitably creates greater benefit for both the employee and organization, as both parties are freed-up to find a better fit.

The support of a professionally trained coach helps ensure the right path is taken and that decisions made are appropriate and beneficial to all constituents.

“The best strategy for building a competitive organization is to help individuals become more of who they are.”

— Marcus Buckingham, best-selling author and former Senior Researcher at the Gallup Organization

How to proceed from here?

For more information about the efficacy of individual coaching and how to get started, email or phone (604.677.6743) for a free consultation.