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Getting started

The coaching relationship begins by having you complete an in-depth questionnaire called the Foundation Package. The Foundation Package helps create a basis for the coaching relationship through various reference points that create a complete picture of who you are and what’s important. This also provides the foundation and context for great results to happen quickly.

The first coaching session is spent reviewing the Foundation Package as well as housekeeping and getting you going on your first coaching assignment. To some degree, a road map is created, but the real power of the coaching relationship comes from not having it all figured out—this is what allows for meaningful breakthrough beyond the ordinary or status quo (i.e., what you’re trying to break free from!).

Regular coaching sessions

Regular coaching sessions are 45 to 60-minutes held weekly, bi-weekly or whatever suits the client’s situation. Coaching sessions occur by phone or in-person, as preferred by the client.

Nearly all coaching sessions are conducted by telephone. As I have clients from across North America, not only does the telephone make coaching from a distance feasible, it also creates convenience for those with busy schedules. Further, coaching sessions conducted by phone are just as effective as those conducted in-person, promoting clear, direct, intimate dialogue squarely focused on the coaching objectives.

There is often “work” to do between coaching sessions, and this is where the rubber hits the road. It is when the client brings insights from coaching into their real and immediate world that lasting progress takes hold and becomes integrated into the client’s life. That is why coaches often say that much of the coaching occurs between sessions.

I offer full support by phone or e-mail in-between sessions to get unstuck, share perspectives, brainstorm, celebrate, commiserate, or simply communicate. I want my clients to know that I am there for them beyond appointment times.

The commitment

The commitment of the coaching relationship can last anywhere from three to 24 months, and beyond. It is case specific, dependent on the client’s needs, resources and aspirations.

I require that clients commit to a minimum of six months. This demonstrates a base level of commitment (to themselves) and allows for changes and new “muscles” to develop and become habit in one’s life. From there, the act of creating one’s vision becomes considerably more automatic—and enjoyable!

For more information or a free consultation, call 604.677.6743 or e-mail