Workshops by Jeff Balin:

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Strengthening Culture through Purpose & Vision Integration

Based on a proven leadership development model from thousands of hours of professional coaching with hundreds of clients, this workshop presents key insights into leadership success-habits anchored in purpose, vision, values, systems and structures.

Vision Integration   Anatomy of a Vision


Finding Balance in an Atmoshphere of Urgency

In modern times, urgency has become the norm—if not an addiction—for most professionals.  Time is scarce, demands are abundant and it often feels like everything is important. Our own personal choices often seem to be left out of the equation.

This workshop focuses on assessing the degree of urgency we experience versus the reality of our situation, and looks at strategies to reclaim, if not redefine, “balance,” amidst busy careers. It is of particular interest to professionals who work and lead in fast-paced, high-pressured environments and wish to bring more balance and clarity to their handling of day-to-day realities.

Delegation Mastery: Leadership by Getting Out of the Way

Busy leaders often allow the minutiae of daily details to prevent them from realizing their full potential and, consequently, the full potential of the team or organization.  Often, it is a matter of not optimally leveraging one’s unique talents and interests.

This workshop helps participants move towards a state of Delegation Mastery by focusing on:

  • Eliminating personal activities that are not optimal, suitable or desired.
  • Filling the void with professionals who do have the desire and skills required.
  • Re-allocating uncovered blocks of time with optimal activities.
  • Orchestrating overall performance through effective communication and information management.

Aligning Our Work in the World to Our Deepest Aspirations

It can require considerably heightened levels of awareness, discipline and courage to reach a professional breakthrough that fills our career trajectory with profound meaning, purpose and impact.

This workshop is designed to support the integration of work with the deepest sense of who we are. Learn to synthesize ideal outcomes with practical realities for even greater purpose, meaning, and efficacy in the world.

For more information or to design a customized workshop that addresses your specific needs, call 604.677.6743 or e-mail