Jeff has helped many leaders develop and support their teams by facilitating numerous meetings and workshops on:

  • Team Functionality *
  • Values Alignment
  • Visioning and Integration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching Skills and Communication
  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution
  • Customized Agendas

* Specializing in Team Functionality

The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamJeff’s preferred approach to Team Development is based on Patrick Lencioni’s popular team performance model, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

The model is brilliant in its simplicity and comprehensiveness, allowing team-members to get onto the same page easily and begin using common language around team development. As a result, team-members can quickly begin developing the functional elements of Lencioni’s model, namely Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results, respectively. Lencioni suggests that each element serves as a pre-requisite for the next, and the absence or avoidance of any element invites dysfunction into the team.

Lencioni presents these behaviours as a pyramid, with Absence of Trust being the foundation from which each dysfunction builds on the one before it. In other words:

  • Absence of Trust yields Fear of Conflict.
  • Fear of Conflict yields Lack of Commitment.
  • Lack of Commitment yields Avoidance of Accountability.
  • Avoidance of Accountability yields Inattention to Results.

Five Dysfunctions Pyramid model

The Lencioni model has proven highly intuitive and very effective in raising the bar on team-functionality and alignment. By assessing a team’s level of functionality and facilitating a customized program that addresses the findings, Jeff is able to help teams become more competent in each of the critical factors that are the hallmark of highly functioning teams.

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Why hire a professional facilitator?

Group processes represent a considerable investment of time, not to mention money and emotional commitment.  Having your key people gathered together is a powerful opportunity to improve functionality, alignment, planning and communication while setting a course of direction for next several months or even years.  Professional facilitation better ensures this opportunity is not lost and brings a host of benefits with it.

Benefits of professional facilitation:

  • High-impact agenda design based on methodical approach
  • Team buy-in and alignment through confidential interviews
  • Outside objectivity throughout the process
  • Total group engagement at all levels
  • Implementation of key commitments
  • Experienced professional coaching for individual support

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